The Authors

Claire Farber has been a Branding Consultant for nearly 20 years. Her passion is for figuring out what makes consumers tick, and leveraging that deep understanding of unmet consumer needs in order claire farber headshottobuild better er brands that create more meaningful relationships with their users. Some of the brands she has worked with include Dove, Suave, Stayfree, Speed Stick, Listerine, Q-Tips, Ponds, Vaseline Intensive Care, Colgate, Close Up and more.In her spare time, Claire has penned a romance novel, collaborated on several screen plays, and is an avid lover of yoga. She is also a big believer in the power of authentic love and its ability to transform the world. Her hope is that Brand Guys will help to make the world a better place one happy relationship at a time. Claire is a graduate of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, and Tufts University.


Bill Vernick got his first job out of high school as a film editor, cutting documentaries, movie trailers and low-budget features. He sold his first screenplay to producers he worked for – and spent years bv softballexplaining that the finished film had little to do with his script. It later found an audience on video and on the web. Bill wrote other screenplays and then worked at advertising agencies as a writer and creative director, co-creating The Best Part Of Wakin’ Up Is Folgers In Your Cup. Bill also wrote and directed You’d Better Be Right, a short film that won awards at the Houston International and Suffolk County Film Festivals, and gained a following on Swedish television, which Bill is hard-pressed to explain. Today, he has branched out into new product invention, creating over 8000 new product concepts. Bill has also written numerous magazine articles, which are gathered at The idea for Brand Guys popped up during a focus group Bill and Claire attended while doing research for a new product they invented. Bill is finishing up two new books, one non-fiction, 100 Tells, as well as a novel, Schematic, based on his own screenplay.


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